minerstat relaunched

Oct 15, 2018 · 3 min read

After expanding the core team in late February, minerstat has established a clear and extensive relaunch oriented road map that has been successfully fulfilled:

  • Dashboard: new UI with more functionalities.
  • Linux mining OS: rewritten and adjusted for new dashboard.
  • Windows node: new UI, rewritten and adjusted for new dashboard.
  • ASIC node for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Raspberry Pi: new UI, rewritten and adjusted for new dashboard.
  • Monitoring software installed directly on ASIC: entirely new approach for those that don’t want to run a node on a separate computer to monitor their ASIC machines.
  • iOS and Android mobile apps: new UI, rewritten, and adjusted for new dashboard.

Now minerstat is again opened and ready to welcome all crypto mining managers.

minerstat is professional mining management and monitoring platform that covers all aspects of mining - GPU and ASIC mining on both Windows and Linux operating systems.

On a mission to provide a robust but yet flexible system for crypto mining operations of all sizes.

Empowering mining managers

Crypto mining is demanding business and it is crucial for a company that wants to stay competitive to have a team with a specific knowledge - rig building, maintenance, hosting, mining management, and crypto market analysis.

With this in mind and with close cooperation with mining managers, minerstat entirely renewed its web dashboard and software.

minerstat is looking forward to become number one enterprise-level SaaS platform for mining management by January 2019.

minerstat’s long-term plan is to establish a full mining ecosystem with support for a wide range of mining software, pools, and data to make mining managers’ job easier and more efficient.


While minerstat had mostly mining managers in mind, the platform also offers features that will fit both large-scale farm managers and hobby miners.

Besides basic features such as workers monitoring and managing, remote reboot and restart, detailed statistics, and alerting system, minerstat also offers:

  • The control room that allows a farm to organize the workers to visually fit the actual establishment and can be used as a heat map.
  • ClockTune for overclocking and undervolting AMD and Nvidia GPUs.
  • Profit switch that works on direct coin mining and on larger multialgo pools, such as NiceHash, Mining Pool Hub, Zpool, Zergpool, Block Masters, Mining Dutch, and Blazepool.
  • Smart triggers to take action as soon as the system detects a problem.
  • Balance monitoring on major exchanges, wallets, and pools.
  • Scheduler to override mining settings to mine something different for a selected period of time in the day. This feature can be used as a way to receive a fair mining manager’s fee.
  • Multi-user access for team members and separate accounts for customers that can be managed by mining managers.
  • White label solution that will be perfect for all cloud mining and colocations/rig hosting businesses.

Free for two workers

Anyone can set up a free account and use it for 2 workers for an indefinite amount of time. The control room, scheduler, triggers, and other statistics-related features that aren’t necessary for home-mining are not available in the free plan.

After that, members can subscribe to minerstat features for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months (with duration discounts 0%, 10%, 15%, and 20%, respectively) and buy a custom number of workers (starting at 3). A price per worker is set at 2$ converted to EUR. For those that want more statistics, custom themes, and data export, a minerstat+ add-on is available for 5 EUR for a month (with the same duration discounts as for regular subscription).

The billing is flexible. If a member extends their plan (either by time or by a number of workers) while having days or weeks left, they will receive an appropriate discount for the days left on the old package.


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Manage your mining operation of any size from anywhere https://minerstat.com

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