Mining configuration: Filters and improvements


Over the last couple of months, we have made some great improvements to our worker’s config page. Some of them were already presented and the others will be presented in this article.

Default mining clients

Instead of a simple drop-down selection menu, we have implemented an advanced drop-down menu with an option to filter mining clients.

Now, you don’t need to visit our miners' collection page to select a mining client, but you can simply enter the criteria for filtering and select the mining client from the offered options.

  • Name: Enter the name in the search field.
  • Type: Select a type from a selection menu.
  • System: Select a system from a selection menu.
  • Coin: Type the coin’s or algorithm’s name and select the appropriate coin from the selection menu. 💡 Hint: If you are using simple configuration, the coin will be automatically selected and if you have named your pools and wallets by that coin’s name, those will be automatically selected as well.

Custom mining clients will be denoted with a special color that stands out from other mining clients.

If you are editing only one worker at the time, the unavailable mining clients (those that aren’t supported for your worker’s type and system) will be greyed out.

Simple mining configuration

Simple mining configuration got a similar upgrade. The simple selection menus were replaced with advanced drop-down menus.

  • Coin: Coins are now presented with icons, coin tickers, and algorithms, so you will always know what you are selecting.
  • Pool: Pools are now presented with the pool’s tag and pool’s address with an option to add a new pool on the go.
  • Wallets: Wallets are now presented with the wallet’s tag and wallet’s address with an option to add a new wallet on the go.
  • Password: The password field allows you to enter the password for your configuration. If you don’t need it, you can leave it at ‘x’.

When you make a change in either of these fields, you will be able to see config that will be used for your worker. You can’t edit this config from the simple configuration view, but you can click on the pencil icon to edit it. By clicking the pencil icon, the config will be brought to the advanced editor and you will be able to edit it as you wish.

Do note that clicking on the advanced tab won’t bring simple config to the advanced, only click on the pencil icon will do this. This was made as a precaution so you won’t accidentally lose your advanced config.

Advanced mining configuration

Advanced mining configuration got two updates.

The first update is adding pools and wallets on the go from the selection menu that opens when you click on the pools’ or wallets’ tags.

The second update is saving the config templates on the go by clicking the button [Save as a template] that is on the bottom left side of the advance configuration windows. This will make your config templates organization easier and handier.

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