Pool Status Checker: Is it down for everyone or just for you?

How many times did it happen that you couldn’t connect to a pool? Did you enter the wrong config? Are you the only one having problems with this pool? Or is the pool actually down for everyone?

To help you in such cases, we have set up a simple Pool Status Checker page that allows you to check if the pool is down only for you or also for everyone else.

This app is really simple as it only requires you to enter the pool’s stratum address, for example stratum+tcp://pool.ms:4444. After that, it will show you the response - either the pool is down for everyone or it is working.

🚫 Incorrect entries

If you enter the pool in any of the following formats, you won’t get correct results.

  • pool.ms
  • pool.ms:444
  • www.pool.ms
  • www.pool.ms:4444
  • stratum+tcp://pool.ms

📡 Sonar

If you are interested in testing the pools’ latencies and finding the closest pools for your mining location, you can check our application called Sonar.

Visit the Pool Status Checker and check if the pool is down for everyone or just you.