What to mine after Monero fork?

Nov 25 · 3 min read

We have received a lot of questions from our community, wondering what to mine after Monero fork on November 30. With this short blog post, we wanted to direct you to the right resources where you can explore and find ideas.

About RandomX

RandomX is a new proof of work algorithm that will be used for mining Monero (XMR) after block 1,978,433, which will happen on 30 November 2019. The main purpose of switching to a new algorithm is to assure ASIC resistance. You can read a detailed RandomX presentation post by the Monero Outreach team here.

🔍 Explore hardware data

You can find a list of mining hardware on our website and by clicking on the hardware’s name, a mining hardware profile will open. For most of the hardware, some basic data on hashrate is available, but if it is not, you can do a benchmark for free with minerstat software and generate your own mining calculator from it.

For example, opening the Radeon VII profile, you can see a lot of coins listed with estimated rewards and profits. By clicking on the button [Set custom] you can re-check the hashrates and adjust them to fit your mining establishment.

🔗 Quick links

💡 Tip: We also list a lot of speculative coins. You can turn off these options on any site by unchecking “With alerts” in the top right corner.

🔍 Explore algorithm data

In case you want to stay on CryptoNightR mining, you can also find other available coins for the CryptoNightR algorithm on our website.

💡 Tip: Since a lot of multi pools results depend on the Monero reward, you might want to consider doing a benchmark rather than mining other CryptoNightR coins.

💪 We are ready

On our RandomX mining website, you can already find supported hardware, mining clients, and coins. RandomX can be mined with GPUs on msOS and with CPUs. At the moment of writing, we support the following mining clients, but we will keep our eyes open and monitor the situation to see if any additional updates are needed.

  • XMR-STAK-RANDOMX: Nvidia and AMD GPU mining client for msOS.
  • XMRIG-RANDOMX: AMD GPU minig client for msOS.
  • XMRIG: CPU mining client for msOS and Windows.

Huge pages & Swap

In case you need to update huge pages on your msOS, we have created a special toggle command which will switch between smaller (128) and bigger (1168) huge pages or set a custom number. Simply write: hugepages and the system will toggle to the other value. The system will also remember your last settings, so you will need to call the command only once.

To update swap, enter the command mswap create 16384 and replace 16384 with the number of swap space needed (16384 = 16 GB, 8192 = 8GB, etc.)

Want to take your mining operation to the next level? Join minerstat.


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