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We have recently introduced a few new and important features to the white label licenses. All updates were applied to both branding and enterprise licenses and can be also used by those that already own white label license.

The first part of the update is the new white label dashboard look. Main account and customers are now organized in tiles and can be edited from there.

For each customer, you can now do the following updates:

  • Update profile URL instead of going on the settings page of this customer;
  • Enter the white label mask URL for owners for enterprise license;
  • Enter the global electricity costs for the customer;
  • Enter the fee that will be deducted from earnings on the customer’s profile page;
  • Enter the number of owners which will show the estimated earnings per owner.
  • Enter the new password which will show the public profile only after the password is entered.
  • Select between different management rights.

Under management rights, you have several different options available. You can select as many rights as you like, but keep in mind the technical knowledge of the customer.

  • Load from config template: You can define different config templates and your customer can switch between them. For example, ETH, ETC, BEAM, GRIN, NH-BEAM, etc.
  • Custom config: Customer will be able to select a mining client and edit its config. They won’t have access to the overclocking profile and address editor, so the config entered must be rough, working config.
  • Restart mining software.
  • Reboot mining machine.
  • Shut down mining machine.
  • Start / Stop mining.

The management rights will be available for each worker on the public profile page.

You can now also find a public demo of the white-label profile here. Login to the profile using the password minerstat. As this is only a demo, you won’t be able to perform actions (you will see an error message) or load configurations (all default configurations will be empty), but you will see which actions are available.

Want to take monitoring and management of your mining farm to the next level? Join minerstat and register a new account now.


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