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Jul 9 · 3 min read

One of our favorites updates from the last weeks was updating the latest activity section. This section was originally available under the worker’s stats page, but since we wanted to give it more importance, we moved it to the worker’s profile.

The latest activity is also displayed in the 24h logs.

Latest activity

You can find the latest activity part in the buttons section that is available in the top right corner. It is represented with notification icon which will show red, blinking dot when you have unread notifications for the worker.

The notifications that will show by clicking on the icon are organized in different groups. We will first list the groups that you already know and use and in the second part, we will tell you more about the new feature that came to the latest activity.

For each alert you have subscribed to, we will save the event and show it under the latest activity. This means you can see when:

  • When the alert is sent that the worker went offline or came online;
  • When the temperature increases to the selected level;
  • When ASIC reports hardware error or temperature increase;
  • When hashrate or efficiency drops.

Similar to alerts, you will see the event of every trigger that was fired. This means that you can see when temperature, hashrate, efficiency, time, unresponsive, idle, and earnings trigger get fired. You will also see the action that was taken after the trigger was fired.

When you will manually (from the dashboard) restart mining client, reboot machine, or shut down the machine, the event will be saved and shown under the latest activity.

When you will change the config, values in the ClockTune profile, or values in the address editor, the event will be saved and shown under the latest activity.

The latest activity will also show all events when scheduler starts and ends.

When the time for your worker to switch to another coin will come, the event will be saved and shown under the latest activity.

Console errors

A new group of latest activity is console errors. This feature is available only for rigs that are using minerstat mining OS. Every time your rig will encounter an error, you will be able to see it in the latest activity log. Even if you missed it, we will show you a short description of what happened. Now you will always know when the pool is dropping the connection too much, when you have troubles with drivers, when the mining client is causing you troubles, or when there is too much overclocking.

We have summarized the errors into six groups, each of them is better explained on our help page:

If the error happened for multiple times, we will also show the number of repetitions.

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