The Caucasian Invasion Of Racial Justice Spaces
The DiDi Delgado

I can certainly appreciate your discomfort with white racial justice organizations. Our local SURJ chapter answers to a Multicultural Resource Center, and a lot of its actions are done in support of local black-led activism (e.g. volunteering at a local BLM event, writing letters to the editor in support of a black-led strike.) But I’ve still felt uncomfortable sitting in an all-white space and listening to second-hand information from the organizers about what the handful of black folks who work at the center had to say about our proposed actions. It just *feels* wrong to me.

But what is the alternative? All the ones I’ve experienced are problematic in one way or another. The dilemma I’m left with is this: in order for racial justice activism to reach the critical mass it needs to have an impact on the system, in this majority-white and nominally majority-ruled country, it has to recruit vast numbers of white supporters. And those white supporters have to be organized to take effective action. Given how unaware most white folk are, even those who care about social justice and want to do the right thing, how *can* we organize without going down the rabbit-hole of white centrification? Critiques of our current efforts are all well and good, but we also need solutions.

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