Lauren Modery

My favorite place I’ve ever lived was a 320 SF studio apartment. I lived alone there, so a lot of your questions just don’t apply. But I love love loved the fact that I could clean the entire space, wall to shining wall, in less than two hours. The place I live now, a 1400SF 4BR house, hasn’t all been clean at the same time since before I moved in, and just thinking about trying to make it clean enough to entertain guests without feeling embarrassed leaves me feeling hopeless and depressed. I once hosted a seder — with about a dozen people — in my 320SF apartment, and cooked a seder feast in my 20SF alcove kitchen, so I’m inclined to say it was easier to entertain there than here. Nobody complained about any farting activity, so either it didn’t happen or it didn’t stink. I don’t remember where I got enough plates from, but suffice to say it wasn’t a problem. And yes, they had to sit on the floor, but that was basically okay, b/c you’re supposed to eat while reclining anyway, and it gave us the opportunity to do this with one of the four questions: “why on this night do we eat while reclining, when on all other nights we eat sitting up?…because we don’t have any chairs.”

Storage space was surprisingly plentiful in there, because it was well designed. I even had a place to store the a/c for the winter, so I didn’t have to leave it in the window. Not to mention my book collection, my art supplies, my ritual paraphernalia, my random collection of nature artifacts, my schoolbooks and papers, my photography supplies, my milk crate full of old diaries,... Oh, and my piano. Did I mention my piano? The piano was very useful — it served not only as a source of entertainment, but also as a room divider between the bed and the kitchen, and an extra five feet of counter space. The main thing I have now that I didn’t have then is furniture. Lots and lots of furniture. Which takes up lots and lots of space. I even had a litter box in the bathroom there, which did not actually stink up the whole apartment, again partly because the space was well designed, but also perhaps because I outfitted the window onto the fire escape with a cat door, so the dear sweet things mostly did their business out-of-doors.

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