Mexican sodas (and some other drinks) you’ll want to try while eating in taquerías.

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Taquerías are everywhere, and you can most likely find tacos 24/7. But what do you drink with your tacos? Let me walk you through a variety of sodas and other drinks that will make your taco meal even more enjoyable.

Yoli. This lemon soda has been around for almost 100 years. It is originally from Taxco, Guerrero. Not so long ago you could only find Yoli in the state of Guerrero, so I would only have the chance to drink Yoli during family trips to Acapulco. Yoli was purchased by Coca-Cola, and today you can find it all over Mexico and in some spots in the US.

Jarritos. The story of Jarritos started 70 years in its founder’s home lab. The first flavor was coffee, but it wasn’t very popular, so a variety of fruit flavors was made. A few years after that, Jarritos was the most popular Mexican soda in the country. Today you can find flavors like mandarin, apple, strawberry, pineapple and much more.

Boing. You can find Boing in a juicebox, canned, or glass bottle presentation. It is a great alternative to carbonated drinks. It has a wide range of flavors (e.g. Grape, Mango, Strawberry, Peach, and many more).

From 1940 until 2007, kids all over Mexico where amused to have Pato Pascual, Donald’s Duck Doppleganger, on our juice-boxes. Eventually Walt Disney sued and won a demand against Refrescos Pascual, so the logo was redesigned into a modern duck with a baseball cap.

Una Coca. Coca Cola produced and consumed in Mexico is sweetened with cane sugar, unlike the US, where its counterpart is sweetened with corn syrup. The difference might be mild to some. For me una Coca is the perfect amount of sweet, subtly spicy, and it’s extremely fresh. Mexican Coca Cola is gaining popularity in the US, and can be found in several restaurants and grocery stores.

Sangría Señorial. This wine-tasting, alcohol-free soda is out of this world. Its dark purple color also makes it seem like you are drinking wine. Great aid to digestion when you’ve had a little to much tacos.

TopoChico. Original from the north of Mexico, the state of Nuevo Leon. It is considered by some to be one of the best sparkling waters in the world. The bubbles are not as abrasive as other brands, its mineral flavor balance is just right. I’m a sucker for vintage brands, and TopoChico has kept its timeless look and feel for over 120 years.

Agua de horchata. Tastes like heaven. There are varieties of this milky drink made from oats, coconut, and some are mixed with fruit. Rice and cinnamon is my personal favorite.

Do you have your tacos with any other drink?

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