Definition and influencing factors of LED optical attenuation

1 What is LED’s decay ? 
The light attenuation of LED products are the signal attenuation of light in transmission . At present , the light attenuation of LED products made by large LED factories all over the world are different . High-power LED also has light attenuation , which is directly related to temperature , mainly determined by chip , fluorescent powder and packaging technology . At present , the white light LED on the market is likely to decline . Is one of the most important issues for civilian lighting .

2 Two factors that affect LED’s decay.
LED is constant current drive. Part of LED uses voltage drive to cause LED to decay.

The driving current is greater than the rated driving condition . In fact , there are many reasons leading to the light fad of LED products , the most crucial are the problem of heat . Although many manufacturers do not pay special attention to the problem of heat dissipation in secondary products , but these secondary LED products long-term uses , the light fad degree will be higher than the LED products of heat dissipation . The thermal resistance of the LED chip itself , the influence of silver glue , LED heat sink , the heat dissipation effect of the substrate , as well as the colloidal and gold wire aspects are also related to light fad .