Not Only Kotlin for Android Development Would be Favorite

As we all know, mobile development language are Java and Object-C play an import role of development environment.Now it’s changing more and more, and developer can be lazier.

First of all, not only the Kotlin but also Swift’s code style is likely to make in script language which extremely not emphasize variable type, because it’s faster. Is it true that script language style is more suitable for mobile language?It's most probably because of the main engineer like script language more in Google and Apple company, maybe this’s opinion is enough to cover other aspects.Second we can’t change the direction of mobile development language chosen, just follow it by 5 years future. whether are you curious why sever development’s language not change,they are still coded by Java or C++ that play an import part of development?.Third, American is so far from China, people commonly learn the newest language from official website, blogs, and other communities must using a other countries’s VPN, which is a huge obstacle for new knowledge from American tech’s dissemination. What a big trouble is that many technology books are translated in China will be a huge time cost, by the way , there are more developers being busy to dealing with fucking job, they have no time learn, and lost in developing river.

For my opinion, yes,the style of script language would be the most popular language style and we can’t stop it.Okay just do it. But as one of the following people, I just wish there are more people can make it more useful but not for fucking busy work, even leave your company and open yourself company working for yourself.

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