It has been exactly 6 months since my first post related to WFH during quarantine. I wanted to take a look back and reflect on which of my perspectives changed over the last 6 months.

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Stuck indoors! Somewhat cozy. At least safe.

Focus & Concentration

In my previous post, my stance on focus was that it had improved with the removal of proximal co-workers and their potential to create distractions.

Now, I don’t feel a big difference in the quality of my focus on a day-to-day basis anymore. …

Focusing too much on the target makes hitting it less likely.

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My 10–10–10 Shot in August of 2018

It was one of the strangest but most powerful lessons I learned during my archery practice. I shot Olympic Recurve for a period of about 2 years. I’m by no means a professional, but a key lesson stuck with me, and I often reflect on how that also applied to my life.

It is a strange phenomenon. While aiming at the target, if I were to concentrate solely on lining up my sight at the target, I was overall less likely to get accurate shots. …

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This is a lighthearted write-up of my experiences learning Elixir coming from a Ruby background.

It all began early last year. A co-worker was talking about this programming language called Elixir, and a bunch of cool things it did .

I had never heard of it, but it sounded very exciting so I decided to read up. I was eventually lead down a learning adventure over the past year.

It has been my introduction to the Functional Programming paradigm. It taught me to think about code in a different way, and expand my understanding about programming.

Starting from the “beginning”

I have always preferred to learn when a problem was simply thrown at me. Learning came as a side-effect of trial-and-error aimed to solve a problem. That’s where I made my first error. …



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