Autonomous and Non-autonomous colleges, which is better?

Autonomous means affiliated to a university but does not follow its books, rules and regulations that mean neither syllabus nor curriculum. The main benefit of this is that the colleges have a better and revised curriculum. They have the independence to run the college according to their set standards and objectives. They have the independence to use their own curriculum hold their own exams and evaluate according to the standards set by them.

Their curriculum is one that suits their objectives. It is normally of higher standard than that set by the university. Its grading is of a higher standard and one unique system in case of a difficult paper is that the lower marks received by other students depend upon the highest marks obtained by the topper, so the other students who may be getting lower ranks need not necessarily be of a weaker standard of grading which puts a student with the highest marks at the top. That means in case of a difficult paper a low percentage score does not mean a low GPA. The degree is awarded by the affiliated university. A new syllabus can be implemented only if the faculty agree which is very rare. Fees may be charged by their own decision and it may be on the higher side.

Some colleges in this category are VJTI Mumbai, COEP Pune, BMCE Bangalore, CBIT Hyderabad and Sreenidhi Institute Hyderabad.

Non Autonomous Colleges — means colleges which are affiliated to Government Universities follow their curriculum and syllabus. They are affiliated to a particular university which is prominent in that particular region and which regulates the activity of all the colleges affiliated to them. The advantage that these colleges have over their non affiliated counterparts is that they have a steady flow of study material, their exams are conducted by the parent University. Syllabus schedules set by the university are to be followed blindly and their exam schedule goes haywire because the Results of their semesters normally get late all this is due to the large number of colleges affiliated.

These affiliated colleges have the advantage of having a right kind of infrastructure and efficient faculty to support them in implementing new and improved syllabus if required. The working and the administrations is interfering and becomes worse if political interest influences them. Fees structure is modest. Some colleges in this category are SPIT Mumbai, DJ Sanghvi Mumbai, PICT Pune, MIT Pune, MAIT New Delhi, BIT Bangalore, MVIT Bangalore and OCE Osmania (Hyderabad) to name a few.

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