FYJC Online admissions: Cut offs and zero round: 2017

The FYJC Online admission for the academic year 2017–18 is said to be coordinated by School Education Department. The Mumbai FYJC admission process shall start from June 16th of 2017. After the result declaration of SSC, the time has come to start the admission process. The Deputy Director of Education Department has recently issued the admission process timetable for FYJC. Click here: www.minglebox.com

The State Government has made a report stating that they have revamped the whole process to make the admission process a student friendly one. However, the students have a different opinion, stating that the state government has made it even tougher in this academic year for them to get their eligible seat from the college of their own choice. This is the very first time, the department shall conduct a zero round, even before the admission process opens for the general category. This zero round happens for the admission of reserved seats in the house, management and minority quotas. This round shall happen between June 16th of 2017 and shall end by June 27th of 2017. If a student has applied for the zero round, then he or she cannot apply for a general round. If the students skip their zero round and go with the online admission process, they have no guarantee to get their desired seat from the college they have chosen with. This type of confusion has been in the air for many months and the State Government needs to clear them out before the admission process starts with. Click here for more detail’s: www.minglebox.com/article/news/fyjc-online-admissions-cut-offs-and-zero-round-2017

The department has recently announced that they will be declaring four different cut off list, so that the students can find it easy to choose their own college and get their desired seats. The process shall happen till August 3rd of 2017.

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