Maharashtra SSC exams: 193 students score 100 percent: 2017

The SSC Board exam for the present academic year, that happened between March 7th and ended on March 29th, 2017, had their Results declared on June 13th of 2017. The result was officially released by 1 PM. Nearly sixteen lakh students have said to be appeared for the examinations and as usual the girls have beaten the boys, in terms of marks and overall percentage. The girls have said to be scored about 91.46 percentage, while the boys have scored about 86.51 percentage. The overall passing percentage for this academic year 2017, has been calculated as 88.4 percentage, which is slightly lower when compared to the previous academic year overall percentage, which was 89.56. Click here:

The examinations happened all throughout the state under nine divisional boards, namely, Pune, Mumbai, Latur, Nashik, Nagpur, Kolhapur, Konkan, Amravati and Aurangabad. Among these nine divisions, the Konkan has said to be topped the list of having the best overall percentage of about 96.18. The passing percentage of Mumbai in this academic year is 90.09 percentage, which is considerably low when compared to the previous academic year 2016. The lowest percentage happened in Nagpur, as they got only 86.67%.

193 students coming from Maharashtra have scored 100% in their SSC board exams. AboliBorse who studied in BalmohanVidyaMandrir has scored about 96.2 percentage. She has even got nineteen marks for her noticeable contribution to art and culture, and majorly because of the outstanding performance she showcased as a Kathak dancer. Click here for more detail’s:

Bhakti Deshpande, another striking performer from Ambernath and a student from RCT’s PMM Rotary School has scored about 96.6 percentage, and she has earned extra seventeen marks for her culture, as she is said to be coming from a musical background. She eventually wishes to pursue engineering in the near future.

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