Simon Sinek’s Thoughts On Millennials Are Like Long, Gassy Farts
Nandini Jammi

You hit on the most serious of “millenial” issues: saddling an entire generation with inescapable, undischargeable debt, essentially starving an entire economic generational engine. That is an inescapable cliff, an entire generation that will not be able to buy real estate, purchase a vehicle, maintain credit without steady employment. The buying power of this cohort will be starved, all driven to loan payments, rather than diversified, the way a healthy economy should be. Technological wonders and disruptive marvels produced by the most fortunate, or most gifted, or both, of their peers will be unattainable to a significant part of this generation without saving habits. Travel, reduced to those Instagram fortunate, rather than shaping and changing a life the way being immersed in another nation does. Lives cheapened by a thousand small immediacies that rise to emergencies when living hand to mouth… That is the fate of a significant portion of the next generation, unless we work to change it.

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