In this three-part series, we’ll explore a few principles of building API products. This article on growth strategies will be followed by thoughts on designing delightful developer experiences: discovery and execution. Subscribe to the newsletter

As the internet economy evolves, startups build increasingly specialised products. Each company wants to focus on what it’s best at, and rely on third-party products for everything else. This leads to the emergence of a tight knit ecosystem of interdependent products, all underpinned by a technology layer, a fabric that connects them all. Essential pieces of this fabric are the APIs (Application Programmable Interfaces) that…

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Why we should invest in the discipline as a craft, through deliberate practice, learning loops, and communities.

Investing in our practice

Why we struggle, why it’s still worth the investment, and how to get started

Why we struggle to think of product management as a craft

Product Management is a generalist discipline. If we ever doubt that, examining Martin Eriksson’s Venn diagram definition of the job is a stark reminder: we sit at the intersection of business, design, and technology. We are defined by other disciplines. But we are expert in none. Product designers spend more time than us researching interactions and…

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