Sexiest Butts of Female Atheletes Better Than Kim Kardashian

The Kim Kardashian workout routine uses a Wide Squat method. This is the key to making her butt look greater. A wide position puts more weight on your butt. Wide Squats, with toes pointed marginally outward, are the way to getting a greater butt.

Wide Squats build the weight on her butt amid activity. It facilitates the heap on her hamstrings. This expands the measure of Kim’s glutes, by making them take the necessary steps. Make a point to have a wide base, and point your toes outward. Obviously, making your butt look greater aides in the event that you have the right qualities, as well. Kim Kardashian additionally uses Side Lunges and Skater Lunges to work her legs and butt.

With regards to female competitors, there are a lot of excellent women out there who knock some people’s socks off for reasons other than their athletic capacities. On the other hand, there are a chosen few who have something exceptional — an abundant butt.

With the news of Kim Kardashian’s pointless parading of her rear, we chose to demonstrat to you that conditioned, solid rear ends are vastly improved than ones loaded with plastic.

Anna Kournikova

While numerous know Kournikova as the wonderful young lady who coincidentally played play tennis, there’s no denying that her vicinity on the court offered her abundant rear some assistance with getting took note.

Summer Rae

WWE cutie Summer Rae (a.k.a. Danielle Moinet) isn’t only a showgirl in the ring; she wrestles and beforehand played for the Chicago Bliss of the Lingerie Football League. Once more, she’s a sample of a hot young lady with a decent butt who has really finished something in her life other than being lovely.

Anastasia Ashley

Riding those waves takes a considerable measure of quality, particularly in the legs and glutes. You can tell Ashley has invested a considerable measure of energy sharpening her specialty.

Alana Blanchard

Another expert surfer, Blanchard has no issue flaunting her advantages. Simply look at her Instagram represent verification.

Brooke Tessmacher

Tessmacher is a previous WWE Diva and current TNA star. Every one of those years in the ring have permitted her to hotshot her numerous benefits, including those enormous bum.

Kaylyn Kyle

Kyle is an excellent soccer player for the Canadian national group. Canada appears to get a ton of flack, however at any rate they brought Kyle into this world. That is one point for the Great North.

Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn turned into a star when she won a gold decoration at the 2010 Winter Olympics and showed up on the front of Sports Illustrated and the magazine’s Swimsuit Edition. At that point her popularity truly took off while get ready for the 2014 Winter Olympics and reporting her association with Tiger Woods. Once more, she did everything Kim Kardashian has done PLUS genuine achievements in life.

Serena Williams

She’s seemingly the best ladies’ tennis player ever and she’s a swimming outfit model which is as it should be. Serena Williams is a standout amongst the most scanned for female competitors on the planet.

Maria Sharapova

Stand out of the best female tennis players ever, Sharapova tears separated adversaries on the court easily. And afterward she tears separated spectators’ hearts with her excellence and wonderful backside.

Julia Mancuso

A world-class skier with four Olympic awards to her name, Mancuso has spent quite a bit of her slaloming and sliding down inclines. It worked out well as far as individual achievement, as well as cut Mancuso’s backside into a wondrous thing.

Michelle Jenneke

An Australian hurdler, Jenneke watcher her stock take off after a video of her pre-race move became a web sensation. It’s sheltered to say that her posterior (and looks as a rule) has been standing out enough to be noticed subsequent to.

Miesha Tate

Miesha Tate is an unfathomable female UFC warrior who additionally happens to be smoking hot. She’s a previous Strikeforce Women’s Bantamweight champ furthermore won a silver award at the FILA Grappling Championships. At the end of the day, she thumps out other female MMA warriors while additionally taking the breath away her male fans with her rockin’ body.

Lakey Peterson

Tearing over the waves as a star surfer has conditioned Lakey’s butt to be ideal for displaying on records like this one. She’s amazingly youthful (turned 20 in September 2015) so we’ll be seeing her unbelievable figure for some time.

Snezana Rodic

You may not know this, but rather being a triple jumper takes a huge amount of quality. One of the greatest resources a triple jumper has? Huge bum.

Malia Manuel

The truth this surfing magnificence is a Hawaiian local consequently puts her on this rundown. That reality likewise makes it not astonishing that she’s an ace surfer…and a really decent one; in 2008, she turned into the most youthful individual to ever win the U.S. Open of Surfing.

Jacqueline Carvalho

A Brazilian volleyball player, Carvalho has won two Olympic gold decorations with the Brazilian national group. According to numerous men, her rear end is likewise made of gold.

Laura Cavender

Presently it’s been some time following Cavender played in the Legends (Lingerie) Football League, yet that doesn’t reject her and her superb back from this rundown.

Anna Semenovich

A previous figure skater and ice artist, Semenovich is basically known for theassets on the upper portion of her body. Be that as it may, she gloats an incredible lower half too.


Originally published at on October 27, 2015.

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