As we remember Steve Jobs, Apple misses him more than ever
Andy Kleinman

Agree with Nacho, I do see the watch could be useful for my personal use at least when im out running or swimming. Now i dont need to carry the phone with me for my run for music :)

I’m with Andy here too when I missed the wow factor from Apple’s event. Apple used to be very secretive with their products, I’m wondering what has changed.

For the iphone X, the faceId is not new and I hope Apple could pull the “Apple’s quality” on this feature when it would just works. Using your face or eyes for ID have been there for awhile but none has done it right.

Last but not least, the A11 Bionic chip is what I’m really interested in. I think with this push from apple, more and more AI features will come in near future and they would be amazing :)

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