Debug Ember app with VSCode

Minh Dong
Minh Dong
Apr 13, 2017 · 1 min read

I’ve spent sometimes to get myself familiar with Ember framework lately. And since VSCode is my editor of choice, getting Ember to debug directly in VSCode is a win for me.

To get this working, you need a few steps:

  1. Install Chrome
  2. Install VSCode and VSCode Chrome Debug extension
  3. Install Ember (of course)
  4. Config ember-cli to generate inline source-maps

Edit your ember-cli-build.js

/* eslint-env node */const EmberApp = require(‘ember-cli/lib/broccoli/ember-app’);module.exports = function(defaults) {var app = new EmberApp(defaults, {babel: {sourceMaps: ‘inline’},});return app.toTree();};

5. Config VSCode to debug ember app.

Edit the launch.json file (under .vscode)

{“version”: “0.2.0”,“configurations”: [{“name”: “Launch local”,“type”: “chrome”,“request”: “launch”,“runtimeExecutable”: “/Applications/Google Chrome”,“runtimeArgs”: [ “--remote-debugging-port=9222” ],“url”: “http://localhost:4200/",“sourceMapPathOverrides”:{“ember-quickstart/*”: “${workspaceRoot}/app/*”},“port”: 9222,“diagnosticLogging”: true},]}

6. Close all Chrome instance and start using command: (You could find similar command for windows or linux)

/Applications/Google\\ Chrome — remote-debugging-port=9222

7. Start your ember app by running ember s on your terminal

8. On VSCode, hit F5 and now you could hit breakpoints in your ember application

Happy debugging!

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