Goals for a tech team

I’m working on driving our team to the following goals which I believe will help us a lot in long run.

  1. Build the right things:
  • Talk to customer, listen to customers feedback
  • Listen to our data/telemetry
  • Think through the proposals carefully and use multiple angles
  • Always think about a way to validate your assumptions.

2. Build things right:

  • No codes get in without Code reviews
  • Doing code reviews is working, everyone should spend their hours to do it and do it carefully.
  • No new codes get in without new meaningful tests
  • All tests need be passed before the codes can move
  • Styling is important

3. Move fast:

  • Implement CI with automations
  • Working on short sprints to react fast
  • Telemetry for realtime monitoring and realtime alerting in productions
  • Its okay to check fixes in directly in productions
  • Bugs in production should have a lesson behind it for everyone to learn from.
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