VIM basic moves

Decided to give VIM a try today so at least I could be familiar with it. Will see how long I could stick with VIM. To force myself use VIM, I’m doing all my work on my personal JS project on VIM. And I tell you, its not easy :)

Note to myself:

go to insertion mode: type i

go to command mode: Esc key

go to visual mode: type v (visual mode helps you highlight things)

yank: y

paste: p

copy a line: yy

copy from cursor to end of line y$

delete character: x

delete word: dw

delete line: dd

to indenting: type > or < (or 2> , 3> etc.)

to use space instead of tabs: :set et

auto indenting :set ai

set tab-size: :set ts=2

quit VIM :q

save file :w

save and quit :wq

search: type / then text you want to search

find next n

find previous N

exit temporary to shell :sh

come back to VIM exit

ctrl+ww to move between split windows

undo a command: u

redo an undo ctrl-r

Ctrl-D move half-page down

Ctrl-U move half page up

Ctrl-B page up

Ctrl-F page down

% jumps to match bracket {} [] ()

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