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This topic sounds fascinating to me, as a person that enjoys online shopping and favors Amazon over any online retail companies, I have always wondering the way amazon is able to process an order and ship it in a timely manner and this essay has given me a better understanding about how amazon shipping and distribution methods work. You also mention about Kiva robots, I have recently heard some anxieties on the internet about the threat of artificial intelligence may destroy the humanity and I strongly opposed it. To me, this Kiva system is a such great example to prove that the implication of artificial intelligence in Amazon’s warehouses has helped to create positive outcomes, share the work with employees and overall enhance labor capacity.

The latter part of the article is special, you mention about the poor competitive working conditions of amazon employees and it really shocks me.Frankly, I am an Amazon “lover” and i just wish i didn’t that part.I think Amazon has to figure out some solutions to deal with this issue before these information goes viral and will eventually ruin their reputations. Anyway, this is a detailed and coherent research, I really enjoy reading it.