The power of positivity

Staying positive sometimes seems like the hardest thing in the world; we are living in a world of fools, criticism and failure. But believe me, life won’t move forward without positivity. Without positivity, you will never believe in anything, you will never believe in yourself.

The worst things can happen when you lose belief from your life. At that moment, you start to wonder if the direction you are following is right or wrong? Are your decisions wise or just another lesson of stupidity? Are you surrounded by the right people or they are slowly dragging you down? When you lose the life direction, life lose the meaning.

From my experience, after making mistakes or being blamed for doing silly things, I always see myself as a loser and I behaved terribly towards people and work. It is certainly a horrible decision because I will only ever make the situation worse than it really is. The lesson I learned is to keep thinking positively, focussing my attention to something I am already good at and meeting friends who always appreciate me.

Not just for me, but positivity is crucial for every part of your life.

When parents don’t believe in the abilities of their children, they stop encouraging them to achieve higher goals. Parents start judging and blaming the kids for every mistake they make. They force their kids to do what they want, rather than improving their kids’ aptitude.

When you don’t believe in your friends, you stop making the effort to maintain the relationship. Certainly, when we don’t care about each other anymore, the friendship fades away. At some point, you’ll realise losing that friend will be the biggest mistake you ever make.

If you truly believe you are a beautiful person from inside and out, you will be. There is no look that you can’t pull off, nobody can ever knock you down. If terrible things in life happen, it is just a tiny moment in your life. And what makes you as a person is the whole journey of life experience you’ve been on. Then, at the end of the day, making mistakes or experiencing even the worst scenario won’t change who you are, if you keep thinking positively and always believe yourself as a beautiful person.

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