Mastering Technical Interviews: A Human Approach
Bernard Marger

I really like your paper because it relates so directly for me.

“Treat them as you would a coworker. Be genuine.” This would be the most important, and I can see so many people missing it. As soon as you can establish this relationship, everything will just fall into place.

This happens in one of my interview: “The engineer called me 3 minutes late as he was rushing to his office. The traffic was horrible, he said. I told him to relax and grab a cup of coffee instead. And, to my surprise, he did. We spent the next 10 minutes having a great time. During my interview, he even made a come back for one of the jokes I made earlier. He said that most candidates were too serious and negative. Being positive can really make a difference in an interview.”

I wrote mostly about my interview stories. Read more here:

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