Why gasoline powered motorbike should be completely replaced by electric bike in Viet Nam

Gasoline powered motorcycle is the simplest and most common vehicle in Viet Nam. Due to it's low price and capable of transporting, motorcycle becomes the “standard vehicle" of people , even the poorest have a motorbike for living. The term “ xe ôm" which means “ motorbike taxi" is very popular in Viet Nam, Traditional xe ôm driver are poor , homeless and semi illiterate people, xe ôm fare usually high , because it’s drivers alway run around and charge exorbitant fares to get more money. But now GrabBike and Uber almost replace traditional motorbike taxi.

Despite it's convenience and popular, Gasoline powered motorbike have more disadvantage than advantage. There are many disadvantages of motorbike , but the biggest disadvantage of motorcycle is hat they cause traffic jams and environmental pollution.

In the gasoline smoke of motorcycles and cars there are toxic gases like CO, CO2, SO2, NOx, Pb, CH4, which are the main cause of air pollution and global warming,. These gases can cause lunge cancer and Cardiovascular disease , more specific, they harm human Respiratory system. It can be said that the CO2 emissions increase is due to too many gasoline powered motorcycles. So , to protect environment from air pollution , Motorbike should end its existence .

When there is a proposal to end the existence of motorcycles, some one will said “How do the poor live with out motorbike ?” . Well, Vietnam is no longer a poor country anymore. People must abandon the thought of bringing poverty to threaten each other . There’s many type of electric vehicles, such as electric bicycle and electric car, bus. However, there’s only electric bike are being used, electric bus and car are still in experimental stage. You just need too spend little money for charging and repairing electric bike. Unlike gas operated bike, electric bike doesn’t pollute the environment. It runs very smoothy , also ,we don’t need too much money for repair and recharge. However, electric bike still have some small disadvantages, like low capacity of carrying . But the biggest problem is fake product, fake electric bike have bad quality batteries , some people don’t take used and broken batteries to disposal center, they throw them to river and lake . Without passing disposal process , batteries can harm the water and cause chemical pollution.

To make electric bicycles being used effectively, we must eliminate all fake electric bike product , imprison who fake product of real electric bicycle companies . But the most important thing to do is open more disposal center and dispose the used and unbroken in correct way.

In conclusion, government must withdraw all the gasoline powered motorcycles and cars in the country from active immediately. While banning them, more electric bike and bus must be produce. Of course , the disposal process of used vehicles batteries must be closely supervised and carefully ! Finally, all electric vehicles should be widely operated.