What short films we are seeing dominate the conversation in this strange and unpredictable festival season.

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The film festival world is slowly but surely making its comeback. Most fests worldwide are still going all-virtual or a split format with minimal attendees. But thankfully we’re getting to see new premieres from around the world. While most of the big fests have come and gone this year, there’s plenty of shorts to talk about. Here’s the 6 of the best shorts to come out of the recent slate of fests.

David — Zach Woods

Plot: A therapy session that just keeps going worse and worse…

Marquee Festival Selection: Short Cuts at TIFF / Official Selection at Cannes

Why It’s Great: You probably know Zach Woods as Jared in Silicon Valley or as Gabe Lewis from The Office, but did you know he’s now a short film director? This is his directorial debut and from the brief but intriguing trailer, you can tell he’s bringing the cringe comedy of The Office with the story work of prestige television. With William Jackson Harper and Will Ferrell as your leads, it’s hard to go wrong. …



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