Listen to Your Momma, Break the Shell

As South Africa faces another onslaught from the frackers, ocean scrapers and prospectors, a special ceremony is being planned on the day the shareholders of Shell meet. This is some background and a simple guide on how to get to involved

Tuesday 22May sees the results of a vote brought forward by Follow This — a bunch of people who bought shares in Shell to create some change from ‘within’ and hold the company accountable to the commitments outlined in the Paris Climate Agreement

The Royal Dutch Shell Company, a corporation whose profits are well documented (£1.6m/hour in 2011 and doubling their profits in the fourth quarter of 2017 to $4.3 billion),has a personality that can only be described as a psychopathic and habitual liar, having shown criminal intent and negligence many times without ever really being brought to task

“ Since the publication of classified US State Dept. documents by Wikileaks the world has learned of the degree to which Royal Dutch Shell had penetrated the Nigerian government with its ‘seconds’. Clearly, Royal Dutch Shell had knowledge of the intentions of the Nigerian government before they occurred. Shell effectively operated a ‘shadow government’ within the Nigerian government.

We now know that Royal Dutch Shell funded some of the activities undertaken by Nigerian governmental agencies against their own people. Shell management obviously approved of these actions, and may have even helped plan and execute some of them. These activities make Shell and the involved managers complicit and active participants in the alleged actions of the Nigerian government against the Nigerian people.

Interestingly, Shell has not proclaimed their innocence, only that under the Alien Tort Statute they are not liable or accountable for their activities in Nigeria.”

In an attempt to shift the sphere, and part of the mindset that believes corporations can be transformed or reformed to be responsible legal entities (despite corporations having no matter or density), a vote was initiated

“ Activist shareholder group Follow This, representing some of Shell’s retail shareholders, will put forward a resolution at 2017’s annual shareholder meeting requesting Shell to set targets for annual greenhouse gas emissions reductions, its founder told Reuters.

“We have talked to a lot of the major shareholders and they gave us input for the resolution. We have good hope that there will be large shareholders who will support this before the AGM,” said Mark van Baal.”

The results of this vote will be announced on May22, and as part of the #BreekmetShell awareness campaign, a public art-action will be held just before noon at AFAS Circus Theater

The Elemental Forces

Your Mamma for Life’ will host an action that combines magic, ritual and the power of the symbolic, all meant to reaffirm our ‘vote’for Your Momma (Planet Home) over greed, and to make a break from Shell’s vision for the future. This is intentional magic at its best, a way to invoke individually and collectively the power of story and the need for a new story to be written that is not dominated by ‘Business as Usual’ “ego-centric dominant destructive power structures” but rather by a deep respect for All Life to exist and for the intelligence of Nature to be recognized again as a framework for patterning our societies and global culture

Your Mother is broken and needs care. And your voice to speak out for a transformation that is needed to provide a future for ourselves and future generations.

What do we do:
During this ceremony there is room for commemoration, connection, transformation, healing, silence, noise, music, we express our best wishes for an eco-centric future. Together we plant a young indigenous tree, where everyone can add their own earth. With our best intentions we let our wishes grow and we show that the power lies with ourselves and in nature. Not with the money.

Part of this action is an invitation for rituals around the world to join in, and to share their experiences and add to the volume of voices speaking out against climate injustice and climate apartheid. Here’s a quick guide to how to join in from wherever you are

  • Make Some Space : take some time apart, a few moments, an hour, a day. Clear everything out, the sounds outside and the voices inside. Consider the realities of those affected the most by the injustices of climate change, people who have contributed the least but carry the load (for now)
  • Make An Altar : This can really be something simple, a chalk circle on the road, a patch of grass or the sacredness of your room. Gather some objects that hold significance for you. A doodle, an actual shell (at the ritual, shells will be broken and added to the soil of the trees planted), representations of the four (elements/ directions), anything really
  • Make a Commitment : This ritual services us as individuals and as a collective. It offers us a chance to break our dependence on entities like Shell, to connect to the real world (current) plight of climate refugees and those disproportionately affected by climate change, and a renewal to take action (personal and direct)
  • Make a Picture : and share it, using #BreekmetShell and show how global our concerns are, and how globally connected our resistance is

This moment represents a chance for us to break old patterns and establish new ones, to demonstrate with our voices and bodies and yes, magic, to invoke the art of ritual, and to show that our support is for Our Momma Earth

Let’s come together as people, who make themselves heard for our spaceship, at home.
Let us unite and strengthen so that we can take matters into our own hands again to build a future that has a future.



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Angus Joseph

Angus Joseph

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