The painful and unfortunate truth about right now.

Hey you. You are an intricate and complex individual. You have a story and memories and a family and friends and achievements and failures and secrets and dreams and you are unique. There are things that you have gone through that a good majority of the population on the earth will never know about. And no matter where you find yourself in at this exact moment I am about to share with you the most uplifting and terrifying thing I have ever heard.

Things change.

This is uplifting because if you find yourself at a low point in your life, you can rest assured that eventually things will get better. On the flip side it’s terrifying to someone who finds themselves at a high point in their life.

See, no matter who you are or where you’ve been, no matter who has broken your heart or what bills you have to pay, no matter what place you live in or where you work, no matter who you’re friends with or not friends with, no matter what mental state you find yourself in, things will change. Wether you want them to or not.

I guess the real thing you should be asking yourself is, are you going to be scared of the change? Will you choose to live in constant fear of the unknown? I have intimately known far too many people who were terrified at the very thought of change, even good change. The truth is you cannot control what happens to you or what circumstances come your way. Life is crazy. But you can control the way you respond to it. Don’t allow your fears of the future, of change, of unknowns, to dictate your behavior.

You are far too complex and unique of an individual to allow something as consistent as change scare you from living to your fullest.

Until next time,


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