What sunrises have to do with modesty.

We all know at least one woman in our lives who reflects all the attributes of a true woman of God. She is the epitome of Proverbs 31. And at the top of the list of things that she does right, her wardrobe is always classy. She never reveals too much yet she doesn’t look like a frumpy old woman.

Now I don’t know what your definition of modesty is, but whenever I picture modesty I think of my youth pastors wife. She is one of those women who has a heart for God and longs for nothing more than to do His will. A true woman of God. And although she has flaws she somehow manages to wear them with grace and intelligence. She is aware of her shortcomings and is able to accept correction when necessary. Because of that she truly is a woman of God. And she is definitely modest. She dresses appropriately but never looks outdated or frumpy.

When the sun rises it captures the attention of anyone who can see it. A sunrise is significantly beautiful and something that people are drawn too. People take pictures, write poems, and are inspired to make artwork from sunrises. Something I find slightly ironic about sunrises (and sunsets for that matter) is that they are simply the sun peaking over the horizon. It wasn’t until today, while sitting watching the sun slowly climb into the sky that I realized how incredibly appropriate it was to describe modesty as the sun rising. See, a sunrise captures the eye of anyone who sees it, but once the sun is in the sky no one really notices it’s beauty. Sure, you may comment on how beautiful the weather is and how wonderful the sun feels on your skin, but to most the extent of their recognition of the sun at this point is limited to complaining about it being in their eyes. It becomes almost a nuisance. The point is, if you reveal all that you have you will receive attention, but it is defiantly not positive attention. True beauty is seen without the distraction of the body. You don’t need to pull your shirt down a little or wear that pair of leggings you own to get the attention of any man who is worth having. In fact, the man worth having will gravitate away from those things. That I can guarantee.

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