The gender wage gap in Silicon Valley
Rasty Turek

I call shennanigans on how you got the data.

The AngelList API, which states the officially sanctioned methods of getting data from the site, *explicitly* prevents users from getting other user data. Additionally, as a data scraper myself, no sane data scraper would opt for scraping an HTML endpoint instead of saying “I don’t feel like using the API because I am kewl.” You chose to ignore AngelList’s Terms of Use because there was no other way to get the data.

You admittingly violated the TOU for a thought piece with shaky, unverifiable data analysis. This is similar to the OKCupid data scraping incident. Except in that case, OKC *threatened legal action* and successfully discredited the people involved.

Because the data was obtained unethically, that throws the conclusions of the entire analysis into question, which is unfortunate as the gender gap is an issue that must be approached with utmost diligence.

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