The Equipment Description of Gold Ore Dressing Production Line

Gold ore is referred to the mineral containing gold elements or gold compounds, widely used in metallurgical production, in order to improve the comprehensive utilization ratio of gold ore, we need to do the gold ore beneficiation process so as to reduce the waste of resource, and what equipment do we need to use in gold ore dressing production line? Fote Machinery will give you a detailed introduction here.

Crushing equipment in gold ore dressing production line

There are many devices for gold ore crushing. The jaw crusher introduced here is an ideal machine for the coarse crushing of gold ore. The characteristics shown by jaw crusher are:

1.The manufacturer makes the optimizations in the crushing chamber and the crushing speed of FTM jaw crusher, deepens the depth of the crushing chamber, so that FTM jaw crusher can carry on continuous, safe and efficient operation in the process of material crushing.

2.The user can adjust the wedge adjusting device of FTM jaw crusher to make the particle size of the crushed material meet the user’s production demand.

3.The granularity of the crushed gold ore by FTM jaw crusher can be controlled in the certain range, and the finished materials are cubic mostly, resulting in the low dust content, not only improving the crushing efficiency, but reducing the dust pollution caused in the operation.

Grinding equipment in gold ore dressing production line

Ball mill is one of the top-selling powder grinding equipment, it can grind materials to a certain granularity, widely used in the beneficiation of gold ore, the superior advantages of FTM ball mill are:

1.The feeding port of FTM ball mill is adjusted reasonably, which increases the amount of gold ore that enters the ball mill in the unit time.

2.The use of closed system reduces the amount of dust in the operation and lowers the threat to human’s health.

3.The vulnerable parts of FTM ball mill are made of materials with high abrasion resistance, good compressive resistance and strong impact resistance. It reduces the wear in the grinding operation of ball mill and extends the service life of the equipment.