Effective way to solve the problem of Norton login issue

Today one of our biggest concerns is about our private data protection. While surfing online we visit many pages and websites, and unknowingly we sometimes visit pages that can create problems for our device safety. Norton antivirus software protects our device from this kind of trouble. It provides you with one of the best security among all the antiviruses. We must take care of our devices by installing antivirus for them. But Norton antivirus is the software itself, sometimes it may face some problems also. Here we are discussing the most common problem you may face while using Norton login issue. Sometimes it does not open. So in the given article below, we will discuss the reasons behind why is not opening and its solution.
Reasons behind why Norton.com/setup antivirus software is not opening:
· Outdated version is the first problem is why it is not opening, using an updated version will not create such types of problems.
· Sometimes files or Norton.com/setup Antivirus can also be corrupted because of any virus, malware or any other problematic thing in your computer.
Solutions to solve the issue when Norton.com/setup antivirus software is not opening:
Solution 1. Updating
· Norton antivirus software provides new updates always after some time. You must keep it updated to not face this kind of problem about it not opening.
· With every update, it gets better than before and provides you new functions and faster version of Norton antivirus software.
· For updating your Norton.com/setup antivirus software you needed to open the security setting.
· Before this connect your device to a strong and stable internet connection, for smooth process.
· Now in your security setting you have to find option of “Live update”
· Select this option by clicking on it twice.
· Now your Norton antivirus software is updated.
· All you have to do is to reboot your computer.
Solution 2. Power eraser of Norton.com/setup:
· When your antivirus stops and did not open it may create some panic for you, but we suggest you not to panic and instead focus on its solution.
· Second thing you can do if first one does not work use Power eraser of Norton setup.
· It helps you by using cloud insights to fix this problem, by scanning it.
· It will troubleshoot this problem by removing any virus in your device.
· For this, first you have to visit official website of Norton.com/setup antivirus security.
· Now, you have to download Power eraser.
· Now, on the power eraser file of Norton you have to click twice.
· Now you will a page showing all the terms and conditions.
· Now open Power eraser of Norton, here you will see an option of Scan. Select it.
· Now scanning will start and it will detect your device’s problem and will fix it.
· As now scanning is done you are required to make changes according to your choice.
· Now, reboot your computer.
Solution 3. Re installation of Norton.com/setup:
· The very first thing that comes to mind is about reinstalling it.
· Now, for last solution try to uninstall your Norton.com/setup antivirus software.
· Visit the official website and download removal tool from website.
· Now click twice on your file and run it.
· You will find an option of “ Remove and Reinstall”.
· Select option of “Remove”.
· And then click OK.
· Now, your Norton antivirus software is uninstalled.
· Now reboot your PC.
· Now reinstall your Norton antivirus software.