Santale#2 Monster and Plane

It is a monster, and his name is Train and Crack.

He is fluffy with long red and blue hair, and his eyes grow up high in an airplane.

He is gobbling up a bowl of cereal, and one cereal dropped on the sidewalk.

He actually did not eat it now, he ate it yesterday when it is the next month, and I fed him in a bowl with chocolate cakes, candies and drink.

I also gave him flower as gift. The flower is made of cereals, strawberry and sugar.

Other than Train and Crack, I have the other monster, Papa Cork.

I am driving a police airplane with Papa Cork and Train and Crack. We catch a bad guy driving a spaceship in the space and we crashed him with my shield.

Marshall is trilingual, but he is not interested in most of the Chinese board books I’ve bought for him.

The stories tell a life far from what he has.

Early this year, I started to translate the board books from English to Chinese for his personalized studies. It is quite funny to read his own stories in my native language.

I wish one day he would tell me a story in Chinese rather than I translate for him.

and below is the translation for this short story.








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