Ministry of Hemp’s Complete Introduction to Cannabigerol (CBG)

Cannabigerol, or CBG is one of more than 120 cannabinoids found in the hemp (cannabis) plant. It is showing great promise for treating a variety of ailments.

In today’s article we’re going to be looking at the newest cannabinoid to rock the health and wellness industry since CBD made its splash a few years back.

What’s interesting about CBG is that it’s sort of an enigmatic cannabinoid. Cannabis plants contain only trace amounts, yet it’s considered the “mother of all cannabinoids.” And, because it’s found in such small amounts, it makes it tough to study and research.

“We don’t know…

From CBD pillows to lead-filled CBD supplements and beyond

A hand holds a magnifying glass inspecting a hemp lead.
A hand holds a magnifying glass inspecting a hemp lead.
CBD oil scams hurt the industry and damage consumer trust.

Though there are hundreds of quality products available, the CBD market is flooded with scams, frauds, misleading products and just plain bad ideas.

Currently, the CBD market is completely unregulated. Almost anyone with some capital can get into the CBD business, and there’s been a glut of raw materials (raw hemp extract) available at falling prices over the past year, especially if you’re not too picky about the quality.

The result? Consumers struggle to know whether the CBD products they’re buying are legitimate or effective. Between completely fake products, and those that are misleadingly advertised, lots of people get turned…

This video will help you read and understand a CBD oil label.

So you’ve decided to try a CBD product! Maybe you want to foster relaxation or get better sleep? Awesome! This video is made to help you figure out what you’re doing.

It’s important to know that there are no industry standards for CBD labeling so they’re all a little different. There are a few things to look for in reliable brands.

For this video, we used two products for comparison: Healist Naturals Calm Chews and their Double Strength Calm Drops. …

Here’s what science says about using CBD to ease nausea

A white woman with red brown hair rests her head and arms on the arm of a chair, looking depressed or sick.
A white woman with red brown hair rests her head and arms on the arm of a chair, looking depressed or sick.
Some research suggests CBD may ease symptoms of nausea, either directly or by relieving symptoms of other conditions which can make us nauseous.

While more research is needed, some people report that CBD helps with nausea. But how effective is it?

The market is flooded with over-the-counter nausea medication. Yet, do you often find that most just aren’t doing it for you? This may be because nausea is a lot more complicated than we think and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

More often than not, nausea is a symptom of another illness rather than an underlying disease in and of itself. …

Science still has a lot to learn about combining CBD and caffeine. (Photo: A cup of coffee decoratively sitting atop a pile of hemp leaves on a wooden table.)

Should you mix CBD with caffeine? What do we know about how they interact with each other?

Whether or not we think of it that way, caffeine is a drug. In fact, it’s the most commonly consumed drug in the United States. Most estimates suggest around 90 percent of Americans consume caffeine, in some form, every day. We’re no exception at the Ministry of Hemp. Actually, one survey suggested that journalists drink more coffee than any other profession, followed by police and teachers.

So what does it mean to mix CBD with this commonplace drug? Anecdotally speaking, some people swear…

Looking beyond sustainable hemp to regenerative agriculture

The hemp industry prides itself on being more sustainable, but behind that image there’s still waste and room for improvement.

In theory, farming hemp should not be considered damaging to the earth at all. In fact, hemp can be regenerative to the soil on which it’s farmed.

Yet due to the dramatic consumer demand that companies are rushing to meet, many companies (and thus farmers) are now focused on making as much hemp as possible leaving little to no attention on its quality or the soil on which it was grown on. …

We reviewed the best CBD bath bombs and soaks. Photo: A photo of pink bath bombs artfully arranged in a box with sea shells and big green leaves. One bath bomb is digitally imprinted with a hemp leaf.

When it’s time to relax, look no further than CBD bath products. These soothing bath bombs will maximize stress relief during “me time.”

It’s easy to get envious when you see someone on Instagram drop a bath bomb into their tub in that perfect bath set up picture (hashtag #selfcare!). You can reach for that ultimate relaxation too with CBD bath bombs. We put together this list of the best CBD bath products that are worth more than just a pretty picture.

One of the best things we can do for ourselves is take a bath. Hydrotherapy, bathing, is one…

5 Things To Look For In Hemp Flower

Our guide to choosing the right hemp flower will help you pick the right strain for that afternoon getaway. Photo: A blonde woman sitting by a creek lights a hemp flower cigarette. (Photo credit: Secret Nature / Nathaniel Gerdes)

Just a few years ago, it was impossible to buy hemp flower online, and now there are dozens of different top-shelf strains begging for your attention.

With the legalization of hemp in 2018, the market is now flooded with hemp flower, and the number of different options can be overwhelming. With names like Papaya Nights, Frosted Kush and Blood Diamond, it can feel impossible to know what you’re really buying.

Instead of trying to understand each strain that you come across without any context, we suggest you break things down by a few basic categories. …

How to choose between full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and CBD isolate

Choosing the right CBD oil product doesn’t have to be confusing. Photo: A pair of leafy hemp plants, alongside a drawing of the CBD molecule.

It’s a common misconception that all CBD products contain the same hemp-derived ingredients, but in fact there are three major types of CBD products called spectrums. They are full spectrum, broad spectrum or CBD isolate, named based on the hemp-based compounds in the product.

It’s understandable if your head is already spinning. The CBD industry is filled with 1000s of different products . To make things even more confusing, these products are marketed in a variety of different ways — often without consistency from brand to brand.

As a consumer this can make it a challenge to identify the specific…

The hemp industry needs to take a stand for black lives. Photo: A Black Lives Matter flag on a flag pole against a partly cloudy blue sky.

In this time of extraordinary global protest, hemp advocates and the hemp industry must live up to our ideals by supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and working towards real change.

Going even further, our involvement can’t stop with just the protests. In order to build an ethical and sustainable industry, we need to be active participants in undoing the damage that the War on Drugs caused. We need to lobby to defund police forces which grew out of control during this “war.”

At Ministry of Hemp, we often celebrate the ways hemp crosses political boundaries. Across the political spectrum…

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