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30 Days Of Agile Testing | The Agile Manifesto

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On-Demand Webinar: Appium vs. Espresso & XCUITest

Watch this webinar to learn basic concepts, pros, and cons of instrumented test tools such as Espresso and XCUITest. Watch it here!

99 Second Video Intro to Requirements & Specifications

Gain a clear definition of what Requirements and Specifications and how they are used in the testing world. We have examples of each, their pitfalls as well as the benefits. Watch the video.

Testing Ask Me Anything

Our first Ask Me Anything is coming up later this week — Thursday 7th September 8pm UK time. The topic up for discussion is Automation. We have Richard Bradshaw, answering your questions. You can submit them ahead of time, or upvote any questions that resonate with you, you also have the option of asking questions on the night. Register now.

30 Days Of Agile Testing | The Agile Manifesto

How have you been progressing with your 30 Day Challenge? When last did you read over the Agile Manifesto? How have you applied it to your current testing role? Have you adapted it to fit in with your team’s way of working? What changes have you made? Share your thoughts.

So Mr Testing Coach — What Do You Do?

Sometimes called Test Chapter Lead, sometimes Test Practice lead, but always someone with the passion for testing and drive to make teams better at it. Learn how you transition to a coaching model in your test team, sharing how it can present great opportunities to improve and excel at the software testing craft. We’re delighted to say we’ve extended our Early Bird Tickets for TestBash Philly. Learn more about this talk and others at TestBash Philly.

Tips For The Lone Tester Series

Are you the only tester in your department or company? If so, this is the series for you! In this 4-part series, you will find out how to manage and develop testing practices as a department’s or company’s only tester. Available Now On The Dojo.

Reframing Agile

Lots of people seem to focus on whether agile has failed. Or whether it’s dead. Or whether it’s a methodology. Or a process. Jeff explains how Agile is more of a mindset and the statements he references when thinking about Agile testing. Read Jeff’s blog.

Reflecting Reality

An interesting post from Liz on how you can use your board to reflect what is actually happening with your testing and across development. This may mean changing some process or making process policies ore explicit. It could also mean adding all work to one place and start finishing up more of these tasks. Read the blog post.

Testing Blogs

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Testing Chatter

We keep a close eye on our two slack groups — and our MoT Slack. This is what they’ve been sharing.