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Test Estimation Hacks: Tips, Tricks and Tools

Accurately predicting how long testing takes is difficult, yet provides numerous benefits. Learn how to prepare and defend test estimates, along with additional tips on the 6 estimation models, common estimation mistakes, what goes wrong in scheduling discussions and much more. Learn More

Step Back to Move Forward — Del Dewar

It’s fair to say that careers in software testing are pretty awesome, however… this talk from Del Dewar, along with all the other TestBash Brighton talks over on The Dojo.

Traffic, Verbs, Testing, and T-Shirts

Everything is getting connected to the web in some form. From enterprise application integration, workflows, mobile apps, third-party integration of cloud services, to fridges that do your grocery shopping. As a tester, it’s vital that you have an understanding of these protocols. Learn more about the London Tester Gathering Workshops

Watch Masterclass: Multiplying The Odds

Fiona’s Masterclass went down a storm last week. There was lots of discussion going on throughout. If you’re interested in watching the talk, or re-watching, you can now view it on The Dojo!

Do You Have A Future In Testing?

After Fiona’s Masterclass about thriving as a tester, there were further questions and lots of discussion going on around the future of testing and what your future might hold. Are you concerned about the same issues? Join the discussion

What tools and things do you use to help you with exploratory testing?

What tools testers are using to help them do exploratory testing. We’re looking for practical things to help testers do better exploratory testing. Lots of discussion going on about this. Have you a different tool to contribute to the discussion?

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