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Falsehoods Testers Believe?

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Modern Test Case Management Software with JIRA integration

TestRail’s web GUI makes it easy to create test cases, manage test runs and coordinate your entire testing process. Track and follow the status of individual tests, with dashboards and reports to boost your productivity today. Start your free 30-day Trial now.

How to Obtain Budgets For Attending Conferences

As a tester it can be confusing as well as intimidating to put forward a request to attend a conference or a workshops. Dan Ashby, a test manager, regularly receives these requests and has shared what expectations he has to help him make an informed decision. Learn how to gain approval.

#TestChat — Automation

We have another #TestChat coming your way on Wednesday 13th September at 8pm BST. We ran a poll on Twitter and the topic of Automation won! It will be hosted on the Crowdchat platform, which allows you to join in from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We’d recommend registering early, so you can make sure you’re all sorted on the night. Register for the #TestChat.

Falsehoods Testers Believe?

As testers we have to try and broaden our mind and consider those edge cases. However, there will be cases that we believe certain things work in a certain fashion — we have built in biases. Are there falsehoods that impact your testing? For example, address fields working differently in different countries? Share your falsehoods & discover a few new ones.

Test Your Boundaries. Speak At A Conference

Have you ever fancied speaking at a TestBash? Or felt that a certain test related topic needed more coverage? Well we’re excited to tell you that we have the platform for you to do all of that. We have lots of conferences coming up, in fact we have three booked for 2018 already. So if you want to push your boundaries, send in your idea (paper) for a talk. Submit your paper.

Three Free Programming Courses For Testers

Richard Bradshaw has created three free courses for software testers — or anyone else interested — in programming. He has a course on Programming Basics, Java Basics and Selenium Webdriver in Java. Find out more about the courses.

Some Person In England Ordered A Nothing Burger From McDonald’s

A test that was clearly never done, “what if our user removes all ingredients and attempts to place the order?”. I doubt McDonald’s minds getting money for nothing! See the order.

The pricing model for my book

Katrina shares some information about purchases of her book, the rationale for the current pricing model, and her argument for why you should invest in a copy of A Practical Guide to Testing in Devops. Read the post.

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