Software Testing Clinic Monthly Newsletter

How To Get Budget for Conferences & Training

Software Testing Clinic Monthly Newsletter

How To Obtain Budgets For Attending Conferences

There was an interesting question posed to the Software Testing Clinic, “How to get a budget from your company to be able to attend training conferences or training events?”. As a manager, I regularly get many requests from people asking if they can attend conferences and workshops that run alongside the conferences. Like any company, we don’t have an unlimited budget, so I’d like to share what my expectations are, as a manager, in making an informed decision on buying a ticket or training.

New Software Testing Clinics Open Across The Country

The Software Testing Clinic is opening it’s doors in the new locations! We announced at TestBash Brighton that we envisioned opening more clinics outside of London, so after the success of our clinic in Glasgow, thanks to Del Dewar and Tracey Baxter, we are delighted to open new clinics in Brighton, Cambridge and Manchester!

Video: Exploratory Testing in 99 seconds

In less that 2 minutes, discover the benefits and pitfalls of Exploratory Testing, as well at the value and examples of how Exploratory Testing can be used with our 99 Second Intro video.

What are the activities that occur during software performance testing process?

Do you have particular activities or tasks that always happen when you carry out performance testing? Are there markers you always check on?

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5 Things We Found Interesting This Month

Each month we will share a few post and articles, both new and old that have caused pause for thought.

  • Two New…..Schools? Dan — Alan Page has long been a testing expert that I’ve admired and learned a lot from. In this article written by Alan, he kicked my head when detailing the differences between a modern mindset and an even more modern mindset. Personally, I struggle in defining myself into either “school” here, as I feel I have beliefs and promote mindsets from both schools in a blended manner, but you should read this article and share your opinion too.
  • Test-42’s guide to logging bugs Mark — I met Jonathan Roe recently who told me about his plans to help junior testers. A goal close to my heart. His introduction to logging bugs is a great starter for all new testers.
  • “What is random?” by VSauce Dan — Randomness is something that people think about using when within our testing. When it comes to data, or even in how to use the software (I’m thinking about “galumphing” here), but what actually IS randomness? Is anything random? these are deep questions that VSauce to nicely in attempting to answer. Well worth a watch to understand “Randomness” at a deeper level.
  • Bret Victor — Inventing on Principle Mark — Watch for the amazing tools he’s created, stay for the message he has determining goals based upon a principle. His principle of fast feedback is very interesting and relevant to testing and the developer / tester relationship.
  • Softwares Testing’s Low Barrier To Entry Mark — I like Alessandra’s blog as it highlights that getting a role in testing is just the beginning. We have to keep on learning and improving not matter what level we are.