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Identify Accessibility Gaps In Mobile Responsive Designs

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Supercharge Your QA With #1 TestRail Test Management (Free Trial)

TestRail is the #1 modern test management tool used by companies of all sizes. Full JIRA Integration, unique FastTrack testing UI and manual, exploratory & automated testing in one central place. Try TestRail free for your team today!

Identifying Accessibility Gaps In Mobile Responsive Designs & Native Apps

Responsive Web Design (or RWD) is not a recent concept. As the world becomes more accustomed to mobile devices It’s more important than ever to understand and implement responsive web design in relationship to mobile accessibility. Read the rest of the article.

99 Second Introduction to Exploratory Testing

We have added new 99second talks on The Dojo. Find out about Exploratory Testing, what is the value of Exploratory Testing and examples of how you can use a Exploratory Testing. Plus we cover pitfalls to be aware of! Watch the 99 Second videos.

Ebook: 30 Things Every New Software Tester Should Learn

This is a hands on and practical guide to learning more about software testing. As you start on your journey you will have tasks you can work through. It is relevant, practical and hands on. You won’t get over loaded with theory. Buy On Amazon.

Changing The Domain You’re Testing In

An interesting question arose this week, focusing on switching testing domains, for example from management systems to finance and banking. The principles are the same but there’s a shift the testing you carry out. Have you switched domains? Have you any tips to share?

Interesting Piece on Chaos Engineering

Chat discussing an article all about Chaos Engineering. What do you think? A fancy set of words that rehashes something old or a new discipline for the new era of computing? Join the conversation.

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