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Testing Ask Me Anything (AMA) Is Here!

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TestRail: Less Stressing, More Testing

TestRail a simple test case management tool. You can try TestRail for free with no commitment! With over 7000 customers agreeing, it rocks! Try TestRail.

Testing Ask Me Anything (AMA)

We’re trying out something new, a live Ask Me Anything Thursday 7th September at 8pm UK time. This is an opportunity to ask any question on the topic and have it answered live. Our first topic is all about Automation. You can register now and get your question in early, or upvote any question that resonates with you. Register for the Ask Me Anything.

Career Mapping & Accessibility

We have a new podcast for you, this time The Super Testing Bros are talking to Marianne Duijst and Rick Tracy on road-mapping the future of your testing career. James Sheasby Thomas is talking about Accessibility testing. Listen to the podcast.

Testing Manifesto

Do you have a testing manifesto? For example, Preventing Bugs over Finding Bugs. Maybe you’ve read a manifesto online that struck a cord with you? What would your manifesto be? Share your thoughts.

What Is Agile?

We have a 99 second video that can be a refresher as to what Agile is, the pitfalls to be aware of as well as the benefits and examples of Agile. Discover the basics in less than 2minutes. Watch the video.

Do You Use Parameters In Automated Tests?

We know we have to use a set of inputs and conditions and to have an insight to the expected results. However, are parameters restricting? Do they tend to separate the data from the test behaviour itself? Do you use parameters?

Do Exploratory Tests Need Verdicts?

What are your thoughts on providing a report on an Exploratory Testing session? Is it useful? Is it more useful to highlight problem areas? How do you discuss the results of these sessions? Share your advice.

Insecure & Unintuitive: How We Need to Fix the UX of Security

A talk from Jared Spool all about the painful UI of those login forms. “If it’s not usable, it’s not secure. Unusable authentication systems are a bellwether of poor end-to-end experience.” Watch the talk in full.

Testing Blogs

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Testing Chatter

We go hunting to see what testers are talking about, so you don’t have to!