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TestRail Test Management & Best-In-Class JIRA Integration (Free Trial)

TestRail is the #1 modern management tool used by companies of all sizes. Supercharge your testing today with unique manual, exploratory & automated testing in one central place! Including full JIRA integration and dozens of other tools. Try TestRail free now!

Increase your odds of thriving as a tester

Unsure of what career options are available to you as a tester? We all want to grow and keep moving forward, sometimes it can be hard figuring out which direction to go. We’ve got you covered with our online masterclass later this week with Fiona Charles! Save your spot & ask your questions now!

Automation: How do you avoid duplication of development work?

How do you avoid duplication of development work? i.e. by basically writing the same code to test the function as the function itself. Is it sometimes worth doing that anyway? Share your tips

Security in the Cloud

As more applications are moving to the cloud, security becomes less about SQL injections in a text field and more about attack vectors throughout infrastructure. Through hands on exercises in AWS and group discussion you will learn we will what security in infrastructure and the cloud actually means. Register for the London Tester Gathering workshop

Documentation so you can move on

Do you have experience in creating documentation, so you can move on or preparing for the “hit by a bus” scenario? How do you ensure that you aren’t a breaking point? Where would you start?

TestSphere Cards

We’re delighted to announce that we now have more TestSphere cards in stock and they’re available to buy online! Buy your deck

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