Weekly News! Software Testing Shouldn’t Require Expert Coding Skills!

Which Tests Should We Automate First?

Join Paul Merrill, Principle Software Engineer in Test of Beaufort Fairmont Automated Testing Services, and QASymphony for a webinar on successfully implementing test automation. We’ll discuss getting started with test automation, what tests to automate first, best practices for success and more. Learn More.

Software Testing Shouldn’t Require Expert Coding Skills

If you’re following lots of testers on Twitter, are part of the MoT or Testers.io Slack, read testing blogs, or are just generally keeping up (or trying to keep up) with all the goings on in the testing community, you can read about how everyone is setting up shiny new automation frameworks, solving Selenium related automation problems, and getting to grips with the latest cool tools and programming languages. But, what if you aren’t one of those people? Read more here

Lego Automation

This is a highly interactive class, completely unique, doesn’t involve a laptop, uses Lego to model theory and is entirely focused on automation in the context of testing. Read more of this article here.

London Tester Gathering Workshops Join The Ministry of Testing Family

You may have heard the rumours, and those rumours are true. London Tester Gathering Workshops (#LTGWorkshops) are now part of the Ministry of Testing family. Following on from our Masters of the Ministry initiative, here at the Ministry we’re dedicated to bringing high calibre workshops to the testing community at affordable prices. Read more here.

How to Succeed as a Tester

I often get asked what makes a good tester. And even more, what makes testers succeed. There is no ‘secret sauce’ for this, but I do believe good testers do certain things to put themselves ahead of the curve. Read the rest of the article here.

30 Days of Security Testing Challenge

We’re coming to the end of our security testing challenge! How did you fair? What has been your key take away? Have you discovered a new area that you want to learn more about? We’re like to hear all about it over on The Club.

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