Why did I enroll for Udacity’s Digital Marketing Nanodegree?

I work as a Software Test Engineer at an MNC. Everyday work is quite monotonous, zero creative component involved. Even though everything is good, the only thing lacking is job satisfaction. I want to work in a field where creativity is required, where there is something new every day.

Being a tech guy, I had heard about Udacity’s vast range of MOOC and Nanodegrees, I have done few of them. I love Udacity’s teaching style, some very difficult concepts are explained in a very easy step-by-step manner. And, Nanodegrees have some real world projects to apply our learning. But, almost all courses and Nanodegrees which Udacity provided were technical, which I didn’t want to get into. So, I had a student account on Udacity, but I was no more active on it.

Recently, I met one of my childhood friend in a cafeteria during a weekend. We met after a long time, we had a long general talk. He is pursuing MBA in Marketing from a reputed Business School. Being inquisitive, I asked him a bit more about the syllabus and projects in it. While he was answering, he said something which got stuck in my mind, he said

“Digital Marketing is the future of marketing. It has transformed the way products were marketed before. Maybe it has just started. Many big companies are betting big on Digital Marketing. Our syllabus and projects comprise mainly of Digital Marketing concepts. Besides the platform-specific skills in Digital Marketing, one need to be creative to pursue a career in Digital Marketing. Creativity is required at each step, be it with text in post or content in an image. You need to be creative to attract users to your posts or ads.”

After the meet, I became more active on social media, but with a different perspective. As I’m doing a full-time job, I started searching for a good online course, but I couldn’t find one. I thought of continuing with the job for some time before thinking of career change.

Until recently, when Udacity announced the Digital Marketing Nanodegree at Intersect 2017, their first non-tech. Nanodegree. I first saw this in a Udacity’s post. Within seconds, I decided to enroll for it. I saw this as a big opportunity to change career. The best thing about the Nanodegree is that it is in collaboration with Facebook, Google, Hootsuite, and Mailchimp and some great hiring partners. With Udacity with me, I’m sure my future is bright!!