Alice: an additive dependency injection container for Golang

Apr 22, 2017 · 5 min read

What is a preferable way?

No code pollution

No partial object

Easy to navigate the dependency graph

Why a new DI container?

How it works?

Define modules

type ExampleModule struct {
Foo Foo `alice:""`
Bar Bar `alice:"Bar"`
Baz Baz

func (m *ExampleModule) InstanceX() X {
return X{m.Foo}

func (m *ExampleModule) InstanceY() Y {
return Y{m.Baz}

Create container

m1 := &ExampleModule1{}
m2 := &ExampleModule2{...}
container := alice.CreateContainer(m1, m2)

Retrieve instances

instanceX := container.InstanceByName("InstanceX")instanceY := container.Instance(reflect.TypeOf((Y)(nil)))


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