Why A Chinese Needs A Shadowsocks VPN

As you may know, the Chinese government have blocked a lot of websites and apps in mainland China. To keep the people from the unauthorized-published information. Such as Google, Facebook,Twitter,Youtube

However, things like Google has such a magic power to attrack people to use. Compared to the local companies, Google\Facebook\Youtube have a great advantage of user experience and freedom.

VPN become very popular in China when visiting the blocked sites. Some open-source projects help a lot at the first time. Such as Openvpn\ pptp\L2TP.

Later, the Chinese found it unacceptable of the use of VPN. He built a team to block all this VPN tools. When a server outside China was connected by a Chinese user, the IP of the server will soon blocked forever.

common vpn solutions are blocked in China

Then came the birth of Shadowsocks Project.

Shadowsocks is bult by a Chinese coder to take the place of VPN.

It’s asecure socks5 proxy,designed to protect your Internet traffic.Super Fast,Flexible Encryption. What’s the most important that is, the Chinse aprtment have no idea to recognize the shadowsocks traffic from the common traffic. Soon become popular for those Chinese who use a VPN.

Last year, the author of Shadowsocks project is question by a government related team. He decide to stop the maintenance of Shadowsocks project. And delete all the codes from Github. But this Open-source project was taken by other comtributors now.

The U.S always be the country of magic. The price of VPS and hostings keen lowing all these years. Chinese guys find it’s quite easy to get a VPS in U.S for only 10 dollar a year, whichs is impossible in China. Now, a lot of people buy their own VPS in U.S/CA/EU, just to build a Shadowsocks server for themselves.

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