2. It’s Okay to be yourself.

We tell people to be themselves all the time, as if they could physically transform into someone else or suddenly become great actors and show personalities that are fundamentally different from who they are.

So what do we really mean by “be yourself?” We mean acting like how you would act and not feel self-conscious, afraid or ashamed in any way. We mean not just being one’s self but also being comfortable in doing it. This is one tough thing to master.

If you really listen to a conversation, either one you are participating in or one you are just tuning into. You will realize that a lot of times people are voicing their insecurities about the way they are, and they want other people to tell them it’s okay to be who they are, do what they do and feel what they feel. It’s like we are all somewhat mentally ill and seeking therapies.

But you have a choice. We all do. You can choose not to get outraged by some statement a politician made. You can choose not to waste your energy regretting. You can choose not to feel like you have to outdo others in everything. You can choose not to justify your ice cream choice when it’s different from someone else. You can choose to be affected by the world around you as much and as little as you want to. It can be hard. But like everything else, it takes practice.

Wish you find the strength to be yourself. Always.