You expressed The depression rant very well, but…
You expressed The depression rant very well, but…
arthur saftlas

I would like to acknowledge your rant at what you assumed was a rant. My words were not that of a rant, arthur saftlas. My words were that of love and awareness of the pain to those who do suffer the PAIN of depression and to those that simply do not understand it.

This, this is a rant. I advocate for recovery and support for those suffering with depression. I offer my love and my understanding to those drowning in the darkness of their depression.

As you pointed out, I used the word FEEL in my piece. I use the word feel, because depression is felt. Depression hurts and depression takes the air from our lungs.

Yes, through therapy, we can learn to change our thinking and ease depression, but it can never take away the fact that depression is a feeling, it is felt and it is painful.

Your response makes me feel like you have never experienced depression or the true PAIN it makes one FEEL.

You express your opinion that depression is our thinking. Have you considered that perhaps you are wrong. That the true root of depression in certain individuals is actually the way a person’s brain functions? That those individuals do not have the ability to simply think differently.

When I first read your response, my first thought was that anyone suffering from depression would take your words and hurtful and perhaps slip further into their darkness. But, that is simply my thought, I can’t speak for everyone.

I generally refrain from responding negatively to any post, whether it be offensive or negative, but I could not let this go unnoticed.

I apologize if I have misunderstood your position here, but I do not apologize for FEELING and expressing that.

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