The darkness hides

The twilight and the stars, the vast beauty in the dark sky. A million flowers, a thousand hearts all covered in the darkness. Tucked away until the light discovers it. Left there, for the darkness to take.

For what happens to the flower under the blanket of night may never be known. Cloaked from the eyes of the unaware, the night can do as it pleases. It can take the flower, or leave it for another.

It can, it can hide the storms, it can mask destruction, it can cloak the enemy as the flower stands helpless to save itself.

The darkness taking over, filling a thousand hearts with despair and anguish. Or it can bring peace and silence to the flower that has endured too much. Granting the flower a safe place to hid.

The darkness can taunt, the darkness can steal, the darkness can protect and the darkness can cover the flower with a veil of peace.

The darkness, the darkness consumes and it covers. But is the darkness welcomed or is it feared?

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