Tesla interview & some douchebags

My GF Charlize went for a interview two month ago for a sales position in Tesla Shanghai. Call me pretentious, we both think there aren’t too many exciting things(jobs) to work our ass off in this world, especially in a fast developing society which 30 or even 20 years ago people didn’t own nothing or know shit ,and now ,after seeing the some people getting rich and starting to know some shit from staying a year in the States or London, they have to show off with Merceders and some job title as long as General Management Director of Far-east China. Anyway, Tesla is something makes you think all the other gasoline cars are imbeciles and car & new energy industry just sounds cool. Since we are sure that financial businesses are for good gamblers(i’m one of the bad ones) and rocket companies are for scientists, Charlize gave it a shot by applying for an interview.

Of course , before every interview, you have to be qualified. And Charlize was not , not even near, by regular standard.

Let alone English, I don’t even write anything in native Chinese after middle school,I precess them in my mind… SO, speaking of school, no, Charlize was not a model student either, she is good with Math(proof she is not dumb), Chinese(proof she is good with people) , sucks at english(proof her english teacher is not interesting ,at all) , politics(she hates ass kissing). As a result, she went to a occupational colleges for 3 years and the diploma she got can not seem to land her any promising job. But if you remember, this is the Charlize who is good with dealing people, so, sales jobs always finds her. One year after graduation, she sometimes get 10 thousand dollar a month. and the thing is, she has a black list for clients, clients who demand to be treated like God, Emperor,clients who is lonely 7days a week, clients need kickbacks from her profit, most importantly, clients who were rude or looked like bullies, were all on the blacklist. After two years in the logistic company. Charlize wanted some new air, something she thought is leading & exceptional.

Salary in Tesla is average, quite low compared to what we were earning last few years. And the bonus is not much either. From what i know, each car sale gives you 1000RMB. and you should know that things are so expensive in big cities in China nowadays that if you give a average prostitute 1000RMB she will tell you to go fuck yourselves. But, its the share(stock) you can earn after maybe 3 years gets your interest & more importantly, great minds think alike, so ,there must be many think-alikes in Tesla, that should be fun to work with.

Knowing the requirements is high & she can’t get an interview by just sending a resume, Charli started making friends on line with some sales from Tesla China and went to attend Shanghai Automobile Exhibition. There, after talked with the CEO or CFO, or COO, or HR, i don’t usually know such details, but she landed an interview.

3 people interviewed Charli in one day. Normal procedure is each person per day, and the interview will last several days. But these guys from Tesla is good at improvise, they know that she is living in Ningbo so they arranged the whole thing to be quick & simple for both parties. Chazli don’t speak much english , so the interview last more than 2 hours with a guy from the States who speak some simple Chinese and he gave her a pass. The other guy also gave her a pass and must have said she is awesome because she texted me during the break to say THESE PEOPLE KNOWS BUSINESS. The last interviewer is the prototype of douchebags i was referring to, Charli got arguments with her in many ways, they couldn’t seem to agree on anything. So, as she can imaging: this is just another old fashioned supervisor who seems to be mean especially towards female employee and she knows she would be looking for another job then. The regulation requires all 3 interviewers agreements for the job. As a result , the week after , Charli was informed who gave her the approval and who didn’t.

Two weeks later, Charli started to work for another battery powered bus company named Guohua as a sales. Same story happened again, but this time not during the interview. Its not a international joint venture so the interviewer is the boss himself and the sales manager. But the sales branch has another sub-manager who doesn’t like Charli becasue frankly speaking, Charli is tall & she is small, Charli is young & beautiful and she looks like a shrunk shrimp. Charli would say how Jane amazed her by kissing boss’s ass and blow all outta proportion for a mistake everyone would make. All these, in the order to nip Charli in the buds. With a little happy-go-lucky face and a not easily bullied mentality, Charli felt a little embarrassed but more motivated. She says good morning to Jane without getting a reply sometimes. After 1 month, Charli get promoted & the basic salary level is 200Dollar more, the manager wanted to promote Charli to a higher position with 300Dollar rise monthly but Jane strongly disagreed in the meeting, everyones smiling, ok, we got that.

Charli has her problems: careless with money, enjoys sleep, late for work, speak directly & boldly ( you know Chinese are shy, mainly), always eats first without waiting for others. For some position, she mightbe a nightmare , but for fucks sakes, for a sales position?? For sales, you sale,and its better with mutual respect.

A tweeter : how do you feel being a Chinese woman? top viewed answers is when i broke my virginity they made me feel like committed a crime. In a TV reality show,a hot girl (she is a 9)went on stage to apply for a job with 8 bosses sitting around asking questions, the female boss started to teach the hot girl life lessons and implicating that when she was her age she got what she wants without many efforts. the reality is just this disgusting.

its disgusting that someone from the interview require these:

  1. what does having work experiences in Apple have anything to do with sales jobs in Tesla? you are not employed to make excel forms and using softwares designed for big corps. you are needed to sell the fucking cars.
  2. what does obeying orders so important that you could ignore all the other qualities just that you can feel you’re in control? you are in the fucking sales depart.
  3. you had the cheek to take salary after tesla sold only 3000 cars in the 10month of 2015 ,i mean, 3000 cars is worse than these TV shopping channels sales figure. and you still think technique knowledge is so crucial that all the buyer wouldn’t confirm a purchase if you don’t know the name each one piece of a million pieces machine.

surely, all the big companies filled with suckers good at manipulating people ,they should be working for the CIA instead of blocking the awesome things to be recognized by the whole world.

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